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The African American Business Association (AABA) of the Joliet Regional Chamber of Commerce announced on Monday the election of new 2022-2023 board members and new board leadership.

According to AABA management, the association’s mission is to transform the Joliet area into the most equitable, inclusive and vibrant local economy in Illinois. The mission is to remove barriers so that black entrepreneurs can access opportunities and resources, giving them useful information to pursue their life aspirations.

We are delighted to expand our board of directors with nine new directors who will bring diverse expertise and knowledge to the work of the chamber.

ABBA has also chosen local banker Christopher J Parker as the new chairman of the board. Parker has served on the ABBA Board of Directors since 2020. Owner of Carter Realty, Carmen Bruton-Carter will now serve as Vice-Chair of the Board.

“I am personally delighted to welcome such a strong group of new directors and look forward to serving with each of them over the coming year,” said Christopher Parker.

“I would also like to personally thank Mike Clark for his exceptional and courageous leadership in the successful leadership of ABBA during a global pandemic! ”

Past President Mike Clark said, “Chris Parker will lead the next chapter of our work in his new role as Chairman of the Board. Chris has shown exceptional commitment to advancing ABBA’s mission, and we look forward to his leadership.

The new directors of the board of directors began their two-year term with ABBA as of January 1, 2022 and can serve a maximum of two terms. The nine new boards of directors are:

James Hill,

SUDA International Training Center

Owner / Partner

K Nicole Ford,

Krown Lux, CEO

Stephanie Bonner,

SEE Me Apparel, CEO

Veronica Moore Robinson,

De’Vine Design Events, CEO

Ashley Bester-Barnett,

Scents N Tel, CEO

Char Boyd Payton,

Char BP Events, CEO

Taryn Holas-Lockhart,

Saloh Holdings LLC, CEO

Cornell D Lurry Sr.,

Midland States Bank, Head of Regional Relations NE

Alonzo Wahid,

Equity and Transformation, Director

Parker added, “On behalf of the Board of Directors, I would like to express our gratitude to Tycee Bell who has completed her service as a valued member of the Board of Directors. “

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