Asian Business Association to Study Impact of COVID on San Diego Businesses



The Little Saigon fresco by Victor Ving on El Cajon Boulevard. Courtesy of the San Diego Art Institute

The Asian Business Association of San Diego announced on Wednesday that it will undertake a survey to measure the impact of COVID-19 on businesses owned by residents of Asia and the Pacific Islands in the region.

The association will send more than 7,000 electronic surveys to businesses in San Diego, Chula Vista and National City this week. The questions will focus on employee retention, financial aid and hate crimes to explore exactly the issues faced by business owners in Asia / Pacific over the past year.

The deadline to complete the survey is September 28.

Jason Paguio, president and CEO of ABA, citing a recent report from AARP and the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, noted that Asian entrepreneurs aged 45 and over were experiencing higher rates of loss of income and other related business problems in relation to their White, Black and Latino peers.

“Local business owners are years away from recovering financially from the pandemic and still need more business help,” Paguio said. “We believe the results of this survey will help inform the community and local decision makers on the work ahead to ensure that all businesses in San Diego County are back on track. “

In addition to the investigation, the ABA will organize solicitations for in-person investigations in “commercial areas with higher concentrations of businesses belonging to islands in Asia and the Pacific, such as the District of Convoy and Little Saigon to City Heights “later this month, according to the association.

The survey will also be available in Filipino, Vietnamese, Korean and Chinese. Potential volunteers can contact Vince Vasquez, ABA Survey Manager, at

–City news service

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