Bryan Burns takes the reins of the Family Business Association on Vancouver Island


Entering his new role, Bryan Burns maintains a lucid vision to see family businesses supported, succeed and thrive.

VANCOUVER ISLANDBryan burns moved to Victoria almost two years ago from the Okanagan, excited about what island life had to offer both naturally and professionally.

“I love the ocean and the hills. It’s a great place to balance business and life, ”exclaims Bryan.

Bryan Burns brings an enthusiastic approach to his role as the new Executive Director of the Family Business Association Vancouver Island

Bryan came to Vancouver Island with significant corporate and nonprofit leadership under his belt, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit to go with it. It was only natural that he was drawn to his most recent role, that of long-time executive director. that of Bernadine Rudichuk shoes to bar the Vancouver Island Family Business Association.

The FBA-VI focuses on providing educational events and advisory teams to help support and contribute to the success of family businesses, welcoming members of all sizes and from all types of industries. With an incredible cross section of members ranging from small businesses to large corporations in a variety of industries, the association creates lasting connections in a number of different segments of the economy that generate different perspectives. These relationships offer growth opportunities to each of the active members of the FBA-VI.

Bryan took office with the goal of continuing to enhance the growth of FBA-VI members by building strong relationships in the community with the development of new members, thereby maximizing the value of the association’s current membership base. Bryan is also obligated to nurture the culture within FBA-VI. His personal ethics and the way he lives his life, even outside of his position, color everything he does within him.

Bryan explains, “I enjoy participating in the development of people and processes by valuing leadership to create inspired corporate cultures; this is exactly what the FBA offers. I am an active trail runner who believes in the power of play to lead a dynamic life. I continually strive to find fun solutions to build relationships in the workplace, connect people and increase communication. Outside of the FBA I spend time on Inspired by the game, a corporate and personal team building organization, which is also a family startup. I want my energy and passion for personal development to be contagious.

The FBA-VI was created from its inception as a member organization of COFFEE, the Canadian Association of Family Businesses. In 2016, the FBA-VI was established with a new non-profit organization, statutes and mandate. At this moment, Fulfilled by Amazon Atlantic Canada also got rid of themselves, with FBA Saskatchewan later renamed. Today, they share best practices and ideas to increase value for their members. This cooperation and shared goals build a solid support structure for family businesses across the island.

“With so many family businesses on Vancouver Island, FBA-VI provides a place to promote the well-being and understanding of family businesses through the exchange of ideas, education, experiences and practices relating to family business issues. Bryan notes.

As with many, the FBA-VI had to adapt to the difficulties in the event of a pandemic, but the association adopted the modified state of serving its members in the aftermath, with the board of directors making adjustments to ensure that members, sponsors and partners know Bryan and his colleagues. are there for them.

“We have put our educational and FBA teams online and our flagship event, the FBA Award, will be virtual in April 2021. We are a family and we strive to move forward with new strategies and new connections to continue to build on this experience, even in these complicated times, ”says Bryan.

And while, like the rest of Canada, Vancouver Island works on the various impacts of pandemic life, Bryan is more determined than ever to support current and future members, striving to create an environment of prosperity for them. family businesses on Vancouver Island.

“I immerse myself in the past history of our association. Over the past eight years, outgoing CEO Bernadine Rudichuk has done a tremendous job, and I look forward to continuing in her footsteps. I will continue to meet with the board, members, sponsors and partners, review our current strategic plans and create actions to keep moving forward. We will always be there for family businesses on Vancouver Island.


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