Business Association of Georgia sends 100,000 GEL to support Ukraine


The Business Association of Georgia (BAG), which brings together hundreds of entrepreneur groups in the country, on Wednesday transferred 100,000 GEL ($31,000/€28,000) through the Georgian Red Cross to support the ‘Ukraine.

The association founded in 2009, which involves around 100 detention groups in Georgia, said “at times like this, it is especially important to unite around a common idea”, adding that the organization was “grateful” for its members’ participation in the move.

It is our duty to speak out loud and clear for an unconditional and timely cessation of hostilities and to create a peaceful and safe environment for Ukrainian citizens,” the association’s statement read.

The initiative follows Monday’s announcement by the state-run Produce in Georgia program that revealed its “large-scale campaign” under the hashtag #produceforukraine, designed to provide Ukrainian citizens in Georgia with much-needed goods.

Georgia has provided aid of one million GEL ($315,000/€279,000) to Ukraine, and the Georgian Post has also announced that it will deliver humanitarian packages to Ukrainian citizens free of charge.

In addition, Georgian citizens and businesses have started offering free overnight accommodation and other types of assistance to Ukrainians in the country through social media groups since the start of the war, while the The Georgian National Tourism Administration has launched a hotline for this purpose, accessible via the number 0 800 800 909.

Russia launched its military assault on Ukraine last week, after President Putin announced recognition of the independence of Ukraine’s Donetsk and Luhansk regions on February 21.


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