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WAs many entrepreneurs have already suspected, it is happening now. Corona’s restrictions will continue this fall and winter. From September, according to the plans of the Minister of Health Jens spawn (CDU) Interiors of restaurants, hotels, hair salons, cosmetics studios, fitness studios and more “3G” – only available for testing, vaccination or recovery.

At the same time, anyone who can be vaccinated must pay for the tests from mid-October. Based on new upgrades, the spawn can allow vaccinated and healed people access to events and restaurants. Not a hard lock, but a half lock for those who have not been vaccinated: this is the new corona strategy. So far, 73 percent of adults in this country have received at least one vaccine.

As expected, the new Berlin projects were not well received by the business community. “The debate and the plans are very alarming to me. With less than 20 cases in Europe, Germany is far behind, ”said Ingrid Hartges, Managing Director of the Doha Hotel and Restaurant Association. Other parameters should be used to assess such a situation. Crown.

He stressed that the president of the association and the home owners have housing rights and refuse to vaccinate people on their own initiative. “But in general, it’s a whole other matter to control this by law or order.” In the rule of law, actions must always be proportionate. According to Hartz, leaving people vaccinated in restaurants and hotels is only a “last resort” if the infection worsens.

“Totally responsive”

Fitness Studio Association DSSV is not very exciting. “In principle, the restrictions should be lifted for all businesses,” President Birkit Schwarz said. Fitness facilities are not hotspots, health concepts work. “There are millions of valid contracts between our companies and their customers, in which no agreement on access restrictions has been made, and our contractors will certainly not want to violate their contract,” Swarz said. She didn’t want to throw the case against the rules if they were to come.

In the spring, rapid antigen tests at testing centers usually cost 20 to 30 euros. It is true that they are cheaper in the fall given the lower purchase costs and increased competition. But even the amount of 10 or 15 euros can be too expensive for many citizens to pay for an hour of training, a visit to the cinema or to a cafe. Jens Michov, president of the Concert and Events Union, therefore considers the political agenda “completely negative”. “You should be happy when those who have not yet been vaccinated are at least tested.”

Mikov has recently had to hear a lot of criticism from opponents of the vaccine because he again wants to organize concerts without rules at a distance, that is, economically for the organizers, only for those who have been vaccinated. “The route described should not go unnoticed by our profession because it voluntarily gives fifty percent of its audience. But what alternative do we have?

Big differences in international comparison

In the field of hairdressing, memories of spring arrive. The general manager of the association specifies that the test obligation, which was initially introduced after the end of confinement, led to the extension of the gap between the appointments of many customers. Jerk M ல்ல ller. “If you have to pay for testing now, it will definitely be a burden on hairdressers again. He did not want to assess whether the federal government’s plans were appropriate or not in the situation. The German Chamber of Commerce and Industry also wants to see everything first.

Almost a year and a half after the coronavirus, it is astonishing how different European countries are treating the epidemic. In Britain, as in Germany, the experiences are unusual. To access RestaurantsGyms, hairdressers and culture are open to everyone. No more masks are required, whereas in Germany it should be applied at least until spring 2022. In the Netherlands, much of public life does not require supporting documents or masks. Denmark is also cowardly. From October, the Corona Pass, which is still compulsory for going to restaurants, will no longer be issued.

Complaints about the need for a mask are hopeless

In France, it’s different: if the Constitutional Court has not yet ruled on it, a “health pass” with proof of test, vaccine or cure for restaurants, hotels and long-distance rail transport. will be required from August 9. Currently, it is already used for cultural and sporting events and fitness studios. Also in Austria, the 3G rule applies to gastronomy, bodybuilding services, hotels and leisure facilities. But it is no longer necessary to wear a mask. Tests are ongoing – more free Kargil PCR tests, citizens can pick them up from multiple places in the supermarket and return.

Cases against the need for a mask have so far failed in German executive courts because the interference is relatively low and at the same time effective compared to other measures restricting freedom. This even applies to fully vaccinated citizens, supporters say, as this is the only way to enforce the mask requirement for everyone.



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