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KATMANDU, June 4: The E-Business Association of Nepal (EBAN) says new prohibition orders enforced by District Administration Offices (DAOs) in the Kathmandu Valley have not sufficiently taken into account provisions concerning the relaxation of home delivery services despite several rounds. discussion with the authorities.

EBAN criticized the current restrictions, referring in particular to the outdated definition of essentials and restricted opening hours, limited to 9 a.m. in the Kathmandu Valley, saying it negatively affects consumers as well as thousands of small and medium businesses affiliated with e-commerce. platforms.

“The E-business association and its member companies have always committed to follow all security measures imposed by the government – maintain a distance of 2 meters; equip delivery people with disinfectants, gloves and masks; continuously monitor the health of staff. We are providing a safer alternative to the general public, ”said EBAN President Sagar Bhattarai.

While urging the government to address their concerns for the greater good of society, Bhattarai said allowing home delivery services for all goods helps prevent the spread of the virus. It relieves the suffering of many small and medium-sized businesses operating through e-commerce and keeps the economy running.

As the lockdown has continued for more than a month since it was imposed on April 29, 2021, work-from-home necessities like stationery, cellphones and computers have become as essential to consumers as food and clothing. However, the authorities have not taken sufficient measures to meet the needs of these goods for students, office workers and other members of the general population. Most businesses have been hit hard by restrictions due to COVID-19. If e-commerce companies were allowed to deliver in general, but not limited to a few product groups, this problem could be solved, while ensuring the safety of consumers who can avoid leaving their homes, according to the press release. EBAN.

The statement further states that respective countries and governments around the world have strongly encouraged e-commerce and door-to-door delivery due to its obvious benefits during the COVID-19 pandemic, including India, Bangladesh and the United States. Pakistan neighbors. “These countries have not imposed any restrictions on door-to-door delivery, ensuring consumer safety while boosting the national economy. Allowing door-to-door delivery will limit the movement of people for the purchase of various items and support the implementation. implementation of the government’s COVID-19 protocols, ”the statement added. .


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