Install surveillance cameras in commercial establishments, market associations within 14 days : Govt


Srinagar, 05 April: District Magistrate (DM) Srinagar, Mohammad Aijaz on Tuesday ordered all owners of commercial establishments and market associations to install the surveillance cameras within two weeks.

The order issued by DM Srinagar said that in view of the prevailing continuing threat related to the recent increase in incidents of selective targeting of innocent citizens in Jammu and Kashmir by anti-nationals and subversive elements, several measures, including the use of appropriate technologies, to safeguard life and property are necessary.

As per the order, the cameras shall be installed/located to cover the approach areas to the entry and exit points of the store association establishments/market as well as the entry and exit points of the car parks of the establishment/market association of shops up to a distance of 40 meters.

“Make sure that the installed CCTV system is in working order at all times, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, even when the establishment is closed. The video surveillance system must be of good quality with a minimum resolution of 1920 X 1080, 0.01 Lux minimum illumination, 3.6mm focal length, built-in IR and a 30-day retention period, with playback and download functionality of the recording,” the order states.

It further asks business owners to provide the CCTV footage to the police and other law enforcement agencies whenever requested and asks to inform the police station officer of their nearest police station in case any suspicious movement or activity is observed in the CCTV system.

“This promulgated decree shall come into force from 5and April 2022 and will remain in effect for a period of 60 days, unless earlier withdrawn, and subject to further extension or modification. Any breach of this order will result in the legal consequences set out in Section 188 of the Indian Penal Code 1860,” the order adds.

According to the ordinance, the installation of CCTV outside these establishments would work as a force multiplier, which would inspire more confidence in the general public/customers visiting these establishments and deter criminals, anti-social and anti-national elements from commit crimes.

He further adds that the urgent installation of CCTV has been highlighted in a number of senior level security review meetings.

The order further stated that there are many commercial establishments where CCTV cameras are not installed to cover the outdoor areas of such establishments.

“There are a number of banking and financial/business establishments such as banks/ATMs, jewelry stores, gas pumps, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, movie theatres, wine shops and beer shops, restaurants, clothing stores, showrooms, small markets, educational establishments, places of worship, bus stops, train stations, airports, hospitals and offices, where transactions are carried out in cash or in a place frequented by a large number of people with a probability of gathering 50 or more people at a time where CCTV cameras are not installed to cover the outdoor areas of these establishments.

“In the past, criminals, anti-social and anti-national elements have targeted these business establishments, causing loss of life and property.

“The installation of these CCTVs would not only help control crime, but also contribute to the flourishing of business, tourism and the overall growth of society by preventing dangers to human life and safety, thwarting/ preventing terrorist activity, which may enhance UT’s security and general public order and tranquility,” the order reads.


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