Kanata North Business Association hires Victoria McGlone, COO


Staff changes are underway at the Kanata North Business Association, as the Canadian tech organization continues to strengthen its leadership team.

Specifically, Victoria McGlone, a former sales manager in the region, has been recruited as COO of the Kanata North Business Association.

Prior to KNBA, McGlone was Director of Sales at Veem and Director of Sales at InitLive.

Victoria McGlone

McGlone said via her LinkedIn profile: “My 6 month sabbatical has officially ended and I will begin my full time role with the Kanata North Business Association tomorrow! I am so grateful that I was able to spend this time with my husband and children, but now I feel ready and excited to return to work. Let’s go for the next chapter!

The Kanata North Business Association is an important part of Ottawa’s future economic development and oversees the country’s largest technology park.

The organization strives to identify shared local concerns and work with members; facilitate community collaboration projects to increase Kanata North’s ability to attract new businesses and talent; promote Kanata North as an attractive business environment; create an ecosystem of local businesses to meet business needs; and ensuring representation within the City of Ottawa through a more productive relationship with politicians and development officials.

The organization said: “Not only does Victoria bring with her a wealth of knowledge and sales experience, but also a fresh perspective, which will allow us to move forward with a clear vision for the future. “

As always, watch this space.

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