Michigan Marijuana Report partners with the Small Business Association of Michigan


“In 2021 alone, total cannabis sales in Michigan nearly topped $2 billionn and are expected to reach nearly $3 billion in 2022,” Brennan said. “These companies should connect with SBAM partners to get the kinds of products and services that all businesses, regardless of sectors, require.

A key element of the new partnership is the Michigan Marijuana Report Business Network launching on March 1. The MMR Network program will provide Michigan cannabis companies with access to all the benefits of SBAM members.

“The cannabis industry is experiencing tremendous growthowth. SBAM stands ready to provide these companies with the
the support they need to run a successful business,” said SBAM President and CEO Brian Calley.

While SBAM understands that every business is different, there are common needs. Its tools help businesses attractlaw and retain talent, manage employee benefit programs, offer discounts on products companies are already buy and help businesses stay compliant with state and federal regulations. The SBAM also offers companies training and networking opportunities.

Aon the Michigan Marijuana Report

The Michigan Marijuana Report brings news, inin-depth stories, investigations and analysis focused on
emerging cannabis companies and micro businesses in Michigan while keeping an eye on national markets and international trends in business, technology and government.


About the Michigan Small Business Association

SBAM has been providing solutions to small business owners in Michigan since 1969. Its 30,000 members are
as diverse as Michigan’s economy. From accsuppliers to appliance stores, manufacturers to the medical sector and
restaurants to retailers. SBAM is in Lansing, MI.



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