Mo’olelo Murals artists accept invitation from Rice Street Business Association


The group will meet on the County Building’s historic lawn starting at 5 p.m. on November 19 and will continue along Rice Street, installing lights on each tree. “The holidays are here, and what better way to celebrate it than with holiday lights,” said Dr. Addison Bulosan of the Rice Street Business Association. “We would like the community to join us in installing the lights. “

Mo’olelo Murals’ Holly Ka’iakapu said she would join the group, accepting the invitation.

“Please join us,” Bulosan said. “Wear masks and social distancing, please. “

“We’ll be there,” said Ka’iakapu, working on a utility box on Ride Street, Friday afternoon. “Last year, Dr Bulosan did it all himself. Sounds like fun, and we can join from the Aloha Friday program. “

Ka’iakapu was working on decorating a utility box in front of Comfort Island station along Rice Street as part of the Aloha Friday program where artists and musicians work on projects on Kress Street from 2 p.m. until nightfall. the night.

“Today is the last of the boxes,” Ka’iakapu said. “Bree Blake is working on another box in Kalena Park across from the Tanaka store, and the last box is in front of Kaua’i Villas. I think Bethany Coma is working on this box with something purple.

Ka’iakapu said there are other utility boxes that require attention, but the group needs to fundraise before trying other boxes.

“I know I’m going to be there,” Jones said. “We have the Aloha Friday program on Kress Street, so it’s just an extension. We are going to move and work with the lights. I do chalk art today because I’m not good enough like other artists.

Lexi Jones of the Kaua’i Athletic Club said she wouldn’t miss the fun for the world.

Bethany Coma, one of the artists from Mo’olelo Murals, had completed her utility box and had returned to the Kress Street staging area.

“I’m going to do something crazy,” she said. “Everyone is so serious. I need to work on something less serious. Does your cat eat pizza? “

Bulosan is also encouraging local businesses across the island, and particularly on Rice Street, to celebrate the holidays with lights.

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  • Mo’olelo Murals artists accept invitation from Rice Street Business Association
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