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The North Delta Business Association is coming to the community with a brand new website and speaker series launching this week.

On April 4, the NDBA announced it was “open for business” with the launch of and an upcoming five-part webinar, the “Bold Leadership Series.”

The series is the association’s first event since listing as a corporation in 2020 – a two-year delayed start after the COVID-19 pandemic forced the NDBA to cancel a planned business summit and others. events.

“We’ve spent the last 18 months building awareness through social media and then we launched the website and our new program. So it’s quite a project but, you know, people get excited and it’s which is important,” said co-founder Ian Tait. say it Journalist.

“We say ours is the only association that will connect you with other businesses, connect you with experts to help you lead and grow your business, and constantly challenge you to do things differently. So he says, ‘How can we serve our members? How can we provide them with learning opportunities to grow their businesses and become more effective leaders? And that’s what this next series of Bold Leadership is all about.

The 40-minute webinars will be led by entrepreneur, author and business consultant Roy Osing, who is also one of three directors of the NDBA alongside Tait and co-founder John Mancini. According to a biography on the NDBA’s website, Osing is a former chairman, CMO and entrepreneur with more than 40 years of executive leadership experience in all aspects of business.

“As the president of a major data and internet company, his leadership and daring ‘unheard-of’ ways have taken the company from its beginnings to $1 billion in annual sales,” the bio states.

Osing is also the author of Be different or be dead series, and webinar attendees will receive an autographed copy of his seventh book, The bold and unheard-of ways to have taken a startup to a billion in salesbefore hard copies go on sale to the public on May 30.

“We’ve connected with him so we can put on a presentation that I think is going to be pretty stunning,” Tait said.

“You have the chance to speak to a guy who has generated a billion dollars in sales and who is a successful entrepreneur, a blogger and a mentor for companies and young professionals as well. And he wants to do things differently.

The first session, “What it takes to be a bold leader,” takes place this Wednesday, April 13. Other sessions are scheduled for May (“Roy’s Shocking Business Code to Success”), June (“The Secret Sauce for Amazing Marketing”), September (“How to Create a Successful Sales Culture”) and October (“Simple Ways to provide breathtaking customer service”).

“If you’re a business owner, you know [those themes are] some of the key things you need to look at, but we want [participants] to look at it in a new and different way and to challenge people to do things differently,” Tait said.

“I think that’s where we differ from other organizations – we don’t seek to commercialize North Delta, we encourage our members to grow, learn and do things differently.”

As part of doing things differently, the NDBA is a virtual organization — no storefront, just a post office box — allowing it to be “light, mean, and delivery-focused,” Tait said.

Additionally, NDBA membership, which costs $100 per year, is inclusive and not limited by geography.

“Here’s a tremendous opportunity for any business – non-profit, storefront, home, office, co-working space, kitchen table, virtual or otherwise. There’s no clutter; you don’t have to live here, you don’t have to work here,” Tait said.

“We don’t say no to anyone. But what we are going to do is focus on the things that are important to the business interests of companies based in the Northern Delta.

Tait said the NDBA can be an umbrella under which the business community can come together, share information, network and advocate — something Northern Delta businesses haven’t had in decades.

“From what I’ve heard, [it’s] long overdue,” he said.

“Each business has operated in isolation. Here is a chance where you can use membership to meet and connect with organizations and be able to share opinions and speak with one voice. And I don’t think there’s ever been a conduit to each other [Delta business] organizations – or City Hall for that matter – for the business community here.

“We can be that ‘catch-all’, so to speak.”

To register for the NDBA’s Bold Leadership Series, visit Each session costs $40.75 ($15 plus GST registration fee and $25 for Osing’s new book), or $77.50 if you register for all five sessions by April 13.

There will also be a free in-person meet and greet with Osing on April 27, 5-7 p.m., at the North Delta Recreation Center (11415 84th Ave.), where attendees can pick up their copy of his book.
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