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The world of payday loans is quite complex: they can generally be requested by everyone, and they are always and only with no obligation of destination, so we must not specify why we ask them.

The money, therefore, can be used as you prefer, unlike the finalized loan which is bound to the purchase of a certain good or service (for example a house, marriage, studies, etc.).

How do payday loans work online?

How do personal loans work online?

Payday loans must be repaid in installments according to an amortization plan that changes according to the income and the amount requested. Online payday loans can be disbursed against a pay slip, pension or direct monthly income. In the absence of these assumptions, guarantees are required for the bank to grant online payday loans.

To choose your payday loan on the internet, where through the comparison portals you can check the contractual conditions and make estimates, we recommend that you always check which credit institution to refer to, to check also the economic conditions made (ie the nominal annual rate , any preliminary investigative fees, the APR or the total weight of interest and additional expenses). Always make a comparison of online payday loans before choosing the one that seems best suited to you: in this way you can evaluate among all the estimates the one that best meets your needs.

How many types of online payday loans exist on the market?

How many types of online personal loans exist on the market?

Different, to meet everyone’s needs.

We have, for example, the sale of the fifth , which consists of a loan granted to public, private and retired employees that allows them to have liquidity and repay it with monthly installments that are deducted from salary or pension directly by the employer or credit institution: these installments can never be higher than one fifth of the net salary.

The loan delegation of payment instead is granted only to public and private employees and never to pensioners. In this case the debt consists of monthly installments never exceeding 2/5 of the salary.

The fiduciary loan is generally granted to self-employed employees, including students. It is not finalized and is not paid to bad payers or protesters.

The life annuity mortgage instead is intended for those who are homeowners over 60 years old; a loan is granted upon registration of a mortgage on the building.

The loan can be repaid when the applicant is alive, or not: in the last case the bank deals with the sale of the house upon the debtor’s death.

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