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The Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region in northwest China is now prosperous and all ethnic groups live there in harmony, representatives of foreign companies said on a video conference on Friday, adding that some Western countries should face the achievements of Xinjiang instead of creating lies.

Adnan Akfirat, president of the Turkish-Chinese Friendship and Business Development Association, has visited Xinjiang dozens of times. “In September of this year, I went to Hotan City for the second time in 10 years,” he said. “I was amazed at the change.”

“This dilapidated old town was gone and a modern and clean Hotan was built, which is developed but retains its historical authenticity,” Akfirat said.

“The well-being and happiness of people was observable with the naked eye,” he added.

Victor Cadena, vice-president of the Mexican Chamber of Commerce in China, also wanted to share his positive impressions of the region.

“With the knowledge of the facts seen with my own eyes, I can sincerely say that Xinjiang is a land of prosperity,” he said. “It is a land where people enjoy their rights and where the rule of law reigns.”

Pierre Mirochnikoff, President of the Asia Silk Road Group, was also present.

“Nowhere have we felt targeted oppression against the Uighurs or the Muslim ethnic minorities in Xinjiang. Muslim citizens of all ages, men, women and children, live freely, ”Mirochnikoff said.

“I sincerely believe that the work done to eradicate religious extremism is bearing fruit,” he said, adding that the facts are there for everyone to see, “and the facts speak louder than anything. something else”.

According to Mirochnikoff, of all the smear campaigns against Xinjiang, the worst is the hypocrisy of many Western politicians who criticize and sanction local figures but really do not know them.

Commenting on China’s response to extremism and terrorism, he said Western leaders should learn from this example, instead of criticizing China’s path.



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