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In an effort to increase trade, investment and knowledge sharing between Scotland and Africa, the Scottish African Business Association (SABA) and KURO Consultancy have confirmed their presence at African Energy Week (AEW) 2021 , to be held in Cape Town on 9e-12e November 2021. SABA, in collaboration with KURO Consulting, will lead a delegation of Scottish companies to AEW 2021 with the aim of offering their services, fostering partnerships and interacting with African national oil companies. The participation of a reputable, partnership-oriented organization such as SABA and a global consulting firm such as KURO is particularly valuable to the African Energy Chamber (AEC) (, as the conclusion of agreements, networking and building Africa – international relations remain high on the agenda.

Africa not only represents one of the last frontiers of exploration, offering a wide range of opportunities continent-wide, but, supported by significant challenges of accessibility to electricity, offers opportunities of choice in the electricity sector. SABA strives to identify opportunities in African markets and then assists in the process of executing transactions. As a membership organization that seeks to ensure the ease of doing business for its members through established networks, SABA prioritizes partnerships and cooperation to increase trade and investment between Scotland and the Africa. By directing investments in these sectors, Scottish companies can benefit from commercial ventures while stimulating socio-economic growth across Africa.

“With an abundance of opportunities across the entire energy value chain, Africa offers lucrative business and investment opportunities for international stakeholders. The participation of organizations such as SABA and KURO will not only advance AEW 2021’s agenda to attract global capital to African markets, but will also allow African and Scottish companies to capitalize on long-term, mutually beneficial partnerships. Scottish businesses can help accelerate Africa’s growth, making the story of energy poverty by 2030 a reality, ”said NJ Ayuk, ACS Executive Chairman.

SABA’s main objective is to help deliver tangible business results, beneficial to both African countries and Scottish companies, by coordinating specific opportunities within emerging African markets. By facilitating a focused approach in which African opportunities – particularly in the electricity, oil and gas and renewable energy sectors – are presented to Scottish stakeholders, SABA seeks to establish ‘win-win’ business ventures. for Africa and Scotland. As a result, by participating in AEW 2021, SABA will benefit from an in-depth and interactive view of a myriad of opportunities across the African energy sector value chain. AEW 2021 brings together African and global stakeholders, driven by a business orientation that seeks to accelerate the growth of the African energy sector through investment partnerships with the international community.

With networking and partnerships including a key objective as AEW 2021, this event represents the most ideal networking platform for SABA, in which established international links can enable accelerated business development, accelerate industry growth. energy through increased trade and investment by Scottish businesses. Representing the only Pan-African Energy Conference to take place in Africa in 2021, AEW 2021 is the platform where deals are made, partnerships established and economic and sector growth achieved.

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