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Small businesses around the world could use a pick-me-up, and upcoming awards could give them just that.

The Vermont District Office of the Small Business Association is accepting nominations for its 2022 Small Business Awards. Previous winners from Vermont include Ben and Jerry’s, Mamava, and Lawson’s Finest Liquids.

The awards recognize the accomplishments of small businesses assisted by the association and the contributions they have made to their communities and to the state economy.

To nominate a Vermont company, email the company name, along with the owner’s name and the specific award category for which the company is nominated, to Companies can introduce themselves.

The categories are:

Small Business Person of the Year: This is an individual or partner who owns a small business, has increased sales, profits and employees, and has been in business for three years. The business must have received help from the Small Business Administration.

Small Exporter of the Year: To be eligible for this category, the company must have increased sales, profits and / or employees due to exporting and have been in business for three years.

Small family business of the year: For this category, the small business must have been in a family for at least 15 years and ownership has passed to another generation.

Veteran Owned Small Business of the Year: In this section, the small business must be at least 51% owned by a veteran of the United States Armed Forces, who has been in business for three years.

Woman-Owned Small Business of the Year: This category is for a small business that is at least 51 percent female and has been in existence for three years.

Small Minority-Owned Business of the Year: Small businesses owned at least 51% by an ethnic minority and open for three years are eligible.

Young Entrepreneur of the Year: This award is open to an individual or partners who own a small business, are under the age of 30, and have been in business for three years.

Micro-enterprise of the year: This is open to an individual or partners who own a microenterprise with five or fewer employees, have received assistance from the Small Business Association, and have been in business for three years.

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