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The Deputy Commissioner of Srinagar has ordered the installation of CCTV cameras outside shops and other commercial establishments in the district to monitor terrorist activities, criminals, anti-social and anti-national elements.

According to an order issued by DC Srinagar, a copy of which belongs to Zee News, given the continuing threat prevailing, relating to the recent increase in incidents of selective attacks on the citizens of Jammu and Kashmir by the anti- and subversive elements, it requires several measures, including the use of appropriate technologies to safeguard life and property.

The order states that the benefits of technological advancements are reaped by all sectors, whether education, investment, management, health or public service, and many states / UT of Indian Union are now using CCTV as a tool to monitor public movements. and to prevent crime and terrorism.

“The role of CCTV cameras in improving safety and security cannot be compromised, as they not only help in crime deterrence, surveillance and detection, but they are also very important tools for law enforcement in pursuit and pursuit of the culprit/offender, “It said.

He says the critical importance of the urgent installation of CCTV has been underscored in several senior level security review meetings.

“There are several banking and financial establishments such as banks/ATMs, jewelry stores, gas pumps, shopping malls, restaurants, hotels, movie theaters, wine and beer shops, restaurants, clothing stores, showrooms, small markets, educational establishments, places of worship, bus stops, train stations, airports, hospitals and offices, where transactions are carried out in cash or a place frequented by a large number of people with a probability of gathering 50 or more people at a time, where video surveillance cameras are not installed to cover the outdoor spaces of these establishments.

It further indicates that criminals, anti-social and anti-national elements, in the past have targeted these business establishments causing loss of life and property.

“The installation of these CCTVs would not only help control crime, but also contribute to the flourishing of business, tourism and the overall growth of society by preventing dangers to human life and safety, thwarting and by preventing terrorist activities, which can improve UT’s security and public order and tranquility.

“Now therefore, in exercising the powers vested in me under Section 144 Cr. PC, 1973, 1, Mohammad Aijaz, IAS, District Magistrate, Srinagar hereby issues this written order for the strict observance by the owners of such establishments and the market associations of such markets, whether registered or not, which must, within two weeks (14 days) from the date of publication of this order take the following measures. »

In accordance with the order, the cameras must be installed/located in such a way as to cover the approach areas at the entry and exit points of the establishments/group of shops and the entry and exit points of the car parks up to 40 meters.

It says they must provide the CCTV footage to police and other law enforcement agencies whenever requested.

It is further specified that this enacted order shall come into effect on April 5, 2022 and shall remain in effect for a period of 60 days, unless earlier withdrawn, and subject to extension or modification.

NIA conducts research at various locations in Kashmir

The National Investigation Agency has been carrying out searches at various locations in the Kashmir valley since Friday morning. NIA raids were taking place in Srinagar, Budgam and many other areas.

An official said the raids were carried out in a case related to the terrorist activities of a few people, in whose residence the raids were taking place. He further added that raids were carried out by the NIA with the help of local police and CRPF in these areas.

He said the NIA also raided many houses in Baramulla as well as Srinagar. Over the past three years, the NIA has taken on numerous cases related to hawala financing and terrorist crimes and dozens have been arrested so far.

Huge weapons cache, ammunition recovered in Akhnoor

The Border Security Force claimed to have recovered a huge cache of weapons along the international border in the Akhnoor sector.

According to a statement released by BSF, they said they participated in a special search operation of BSF Jammu which was launched in front of the Paranal sub-sector fence at the international border of Akhnoor and recovered a huge cache of weapons and of ammunition.

The statement indicates that the BSF alert troops recovered an AK 47 rifle, 20 AK 47 cartridges, 02 rifle magazines, 02 – 02 pistols made in Italy, 40 pistol cartridges and 04 pistol magazines.

It reads that there have been reports of attempts by Pak-based NSAs to smuggle weapons into Indian Territory.

“The BSF troops were kept on high alert and the area between the fencing and the IB was regularly patrolled. Today in the morning during our check of the zero line the group of the BSF recovered a bag near the IB containing arms and ammunition which was to be smuggled to the Indian side and thus averted a major tragedy,” it read.

Speaking on the occasion, DIG PSO Jammu, SK Singh said BSF troops have seized a huge cache of arms and ammunition at the international border and once again exposed the evil designs of Pak based NSA .

He added that BSF is still on alert and committed to securing the international border. “It was the hard work and dedication of the troops that resulted in this significant seizure.”



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