Valley Center Business Association kills him with first meeting


San Diego County Policy Advisor Donna Cleary of Supervisor Jim Desmond’s office presented VCBA with a Certificate of Commendation.

Mother Nature’s interference barely caused a bump in the road for the Valley Center Business Association’s first meeting on Thursday night.

Thursday’s dinner and networking meeting was originally scheduled to be held at Jack Simons Vineyards, but a red flag warning and expected high winds prompted organizers to move the event to an empty office space between Edward Jones and Air Crafts Heating & Air Conditioning.

While the vibe was a little less enchanting than watching the sun set over the vines, the good vibes provided by the over 60 participants more than made up for it.

Mexican food, including rice, beans, carne asada, and chicken, was provided by Kennedy in Escondido. The wine was provided free of charge by Jack Simons and Eric Jockinsen of Big E Sound stepped in at the last minute to provide his “big sound” for the festivities.

Kelly Hernandez of Air Crafts set out to prepare the space for the party assisted by Faith Much.

Kathleen McKewan, Valley Center resident for 30 years and Senior Designer of 3 Blind Mice Window Coverings, said: Motorized awnings for a $ 12,000 contract and made a new friend in the community.

VCBA President William Del Pilar made some welcoming remarks to the participants.

“So why does the Valley Center Business Association exist? For that, I say that one must understand “the greatness”.

• Grandeur: to be superior in quality or character; noble.
• Size: Powerful; influential.
• I believe that “greatness grows from the seeds of humility”.

For the VCBA to be successful, we must aim for greatness. After all, most just want an honest opportunity, and to work with people of character AND if necessary we hope to have powerful and influential allies.

Together we can do it, together we can achieve greatness. The day we stop striving for greatness is the day you should end our partnership! “

He continued, “So what is our role? Our community is about to explode and grow. Once the sewer lines arrived, the flood valves opened! There will be a lot more competition as new businesses come in; including national brands with national advertising.

Our job is to deal with and help all the businesses in town, but we’ll probably be working with more small businesses. However, part of our job will be to help facilitate a friendly coexistence between mom-and-pop stores and brand name stores. Dare I say, even to be a vector of relations between our partners and national brands? This is important because every potential dollar left on the table is a lost dollar.

“Most mom and pop stores fail, not because they don’t need their services or products, BUT because they lack expertise in marketing, customer service, don’t adapt. under market conditions and fail to properly track and measure aspects of their business.

“It sounds like a lot, but most will agree. These are the fundamental foundations for business success and growth.

“I have never forgotten this, because everyone is under our control. In other words, it is “fixable”.

As our community continues to grow, we hope to help our partners achieve these goals and avoid these pitfalls. We need to be welcome and be friendly with all of our partners because if you are successful the community thrives.

“This brings us to you. It cannot be a one-way street. We need your input, your guidance and, yes, your help through volunteering. It is only as an extended family that we can make this work.

Del Pilar continued, “Most people look at me puzzled when I say this – we are an extended family. It is because of my belief that family, faith and work are intrinsically linked. One cannot survive without the other.

• To support your family, what do you need? A thriving business community that offers employment.

• To help support your faith by giving to others, what do you need? A thriving business community that… once again, offers employment

• Finally, who do you spend more time with? your family or your working family? If you think about it, you know the answer.

He concluded: “We need work to provide for almost everything in life. For this reason, I believe that a thriving business sector in our region helps us thrive, helps us give back to those in need and when we thrive a safe community for our families follows. This is why I think they are intrinsically linked and one cannot survive without the other.

We understand this. This is important because no matter how motivated we are, if a business cannot figure this out, their success rate plummets.

We are made up of entrepreneurs, traditional business mindsets and conglomerates and most of them have technological aspects of our business.

Valley Center Democratic Club President Judy Dobrotin and Roadrunner Editor Justin Salter are happy to serve guests.

He introduced the Board of Directors and the leaders of the VCBA:

Faith Much, VICE-PRESIDENT – Edward Jones
LaVonne Norwood, TREASURER – Armor and Fence Manufacturing
Jeanna Hughes, SECRETARY – Serendipity Hair Studio
Diane Arnold – Chartered Broker, Health Insurance Plans
Carmen Cifuentes – RE / MAX Country
Krista Hubbard – Real Estate Agent, Keller Williams
Justin Salter – Roadrunner Publications
Judith Shadzi – Solar Cosmic
Emily Christensen РPlace de la Cloche de la Libert̩
Kelly Hernandez – Air Crafts Heating & Air Conditioning

VCBA can be found online at
VCBA will host the VC Country Fest (Central Valley Country Festival) 1 p.m. to 5 p.m. on Saturday November 16 at Bates Nut Farm. Details of the event are expected to be listed on soon.

Jack Simon Vineyards –
Big sound E – 760.749.2425
Kennedy’s –


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