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There was a community interest meeting on forming a Warrenton area trade association, and already enthusiasm is mounting about the group’s potential to support businesses, encourage entrepreneurs and help people. who hope to fill a niche here.

This first meeting took place in the Frontier Warren collaborative workspace, a partnership between the Research Triangle Foundation (Research Triangle Park), Warren County and the City of Warrenton that focuses on creating entrepreneurial opportunities. For Frontier Warren’s strategic director of engagement, Flynne Meares, who facilitates the business association discussions, the relationship between the business association and Frontier Warren is an ideal partner.boat.

“(The Business Association) goes hand in hand with Frontier Warren’s vision to support existing businesses, entrepreneurs and people looking to see what is needed,” she said.

Meares added, however, that his job is strictly to help form the Association, not its oversight.

“It’s up to the group to decide what it looks like,” she said.

Meares is delighted that 22 people attended the recent interest meeting, including representatives from county and city government, business owners, entrepreneurs and people thinking about what type of business they are. wish to establish here. She noted that other business owners and entrepreneurs have shown interest.

Meares grew up in Concord, but his ties to the county seat are strong. Her father was principal of John Graham High School and her mother has returned to Warrenton in recent years.

Meares has now become an active member of the Warrenton community, not only through her involvement with Frontier Warren, but also as a resident of the town, and with her work as a yoga teacher and dreams of opening a business. here.

She hopes the Business Association will generate the same level of enthusiasm for other people, inspiring them to bring their business ideas and entrepreneurial spirit to the Warrenton area, especially downtown.

“We bring together business owners and entrepreneurs from the area,” Meares said, noting that she hopes members will help each other thrive in the community, work together to develop special events that will help attract people. in the region and generate networking opportunities. .

She wants longtime residents of the Warrenton area and newcomers to the community to feel welcome in the Business Association, in order to achieve the goal of members who help, support and support each other. connect to each other.

The Warrenton Area Business Association will hold its next meeting on Thursday, May 27 at the Frontier Warren co-working space, 140 S. Main St .., Warrenton. Doors open at 5:00 p.m. for refreshments, followed by business meeting from 5:30 p.m. to 6:30 p.m. The guest speaker will be John DuVall, who has created nonprofits that include Toledo Choose Local, which according to Toledo.com was formed to raise awareness of the importance of independent local businesses in the Toledo, Ohio area. ,. Meares said the goals of the Ohio nonprofit are similar to the vision discussed at the Warrenton Area Business Association’s initial meeting: communication, collaboration, marketing and advocacy.

She hopes those who attended the previous meeting will return and that others will join them in adding their ideas to the discussion.

“We need ideas from people who are willing to show up and work with other people to make it happen,” she said.

Following DuVall’s presentation, attendees will be invited to further discuss the ideas raised during the initial meeting, which included regular networking meetings, welcoming new people and businesses to the community, creating a directory, creating cross events and promotions, sharing information with each other and with the community, attracting businesses from inside and outside the community and supporting each other in success. Meares said the continued involvement of the community in building these ideas and adding new ones is critical to the success of the Business Association and the community at large.

“Together, we aim to create a vibrant business environment for our individual businesses and our city and county to thrive,” she said.


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